About DSO

Disabled Service Organization is a non-profit making, non-Governmental local organization registered in the District Administration Office in Doti and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council, Nepal. The office of this organization is located at Silgadhi, Doti. This organization is specifically led by people with disabilities and is working in the field of disability. The main objective of this organization is to raise the voice of persons with disabilities regarding their rights, to ensure their access to economic, cultural, social and political rights within society.

संस्थाका मूल्य मान्यता :
१. अपाङ्गता भएका व्यक्ति र परिवार प्रति विशेष वास्ता,
२. पारदर्शिता र जवाफदेहिता,
३. सकारात्मक सोच
४. सामाजिक न्याय,
५. परिवर्तित अवस्थाको आत्मसात