Healing Pradip’s foot

Two years ago, the Bohora family was full of joy as they had a baby boy. Pradip Bohora was born to his family in Shikhar Municipality in Doti District. People in rural communities in Nepal believe that having a boy will bring prestige to the family. Pradip was born without any complications, but when he was five months old, his mother noticed there was something wrong with his right foot. This led the family on a journey of shame and then happiness as they found healing for Pradip. Pradip’s family had five members and his parents were farmers. The family…
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Life is much easier for Pushpa now

Eleven-years-old Pushpa Kumari Rawat lives wither family of seven at Purbichowki Rural Municipality of Doti. About 20 kilometres from the district headquarter is her house where she, her mother, three sisters and one brother live. Undergoing surgery has made her day to day life easier and comfortable. Born in a poor family as an elder daughter and to be affected with bone Bone Tuberculosis (TB) at the very young age of two and a half years was a very painful and challenging situation to be in for Puspa. Despite financial issues, Pushpa’s father Yogendra Rawat took her to India for…
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